You want to create a website and you want to get the most of your page for sure. Now, maybe you’ve heard about InstaBuilder and LeadPages and you just don’t know what choice will give exactly what you’re asking for. Well, this “InstaBuilder vs. LeadPages” article will make your choice a little easier because it’s purpose is to show you the differences between these two services.

InstaBuilder features

InstaBuilder is a Drag-n-Drop builder that makes creating landing pages easy and effective without using any codes. All you have to do is choose whatever you want from the tools and drop it on the place you want it to be. It’s so easy that almost feels like you’re playing a video game.
First of all, besides the fact that it is easy to use it’s also the fastest way to create an amazing landing page just by drag and drop movements.

InstaBuilder is also perfect for customizing your very own brand-specific designs… It is a perfect option for the Online Entrepreneur who wishes to avoid “cookie-cutter” ad blindness and wants to create particular designs.

Another great thing is that you create the page and InstaBuilder is making it mobile ready…And you don’t have to do anything about this, all you have to do is just point and click and the rest of the job is simply done by InstaBuilder.

And so many templates that can fit your theme. Also, they can be modified in your way. So, you can have your own unique template in no time.

The control is all yours. You get to control every word that will be written in your landing page. And this also doesn’t require any codes. With these amazing functions: in-line control, textblock control, textile control, font weight control, configuration control, drop caps control and so much more … you get the control over text, videos, buttons, boxes, columns, navigation pre-made backgrounds and much, much more without so much effort.

With just one simple click integration with your landing pages, you can boost conversations in the easiest way possible. And getting more leads has never been easier! You can get even more leads just by asking questions. Also, you can lock your important content with a landing page that makes visitors to opt-in before getting to all of your important information.

There are so many other options that are available, such as: making your pictures even prettier, TONS of high-quality pre-done graphics, split testing in no time, control over visitor movements and much, much more options…

LeadPages features

The main function of LeadPages is to collect email subscribers. In fact, this is an online tool that provides a lot of templates that you can use for webinars, magnets and landing pages which purpose is to grow your email list. Also, LeadPages has templates for something like sales pages.
But, there is also something that you cannot do with LeadPages. It helps you get more email subscribers, but you cannot send regular emails to your list. So if you want to communicate with your already made email list you have to use another service. The good thing is that it allows you to make landing pages and easily send content upgrades.

Now, first of all, LeadPages is an amazing option if you are getting started with webinars, but this software can also be very pricey.

It is a solution if you want to make your list grow with content upgrades easily.

It is an easy solution if you want to create opt-in boxes within blog posts, but making it in Photoshop allows you to insert an image of the free checklist which they’ll receive when they subscribe, plus it is more convincing.

And the most amazing thing is creating landing pages without coding. It has many templates that you can use and modify them depending on your ideas.

Also, you can make sales pages, collect email subscribers with text messaging, create “thank you for subscribing” pages …

Is your choice still that hard?

Well, InstaBuilder vs. LeadPages may be a hard choice to make and I really hope I made it even a little easier with this article. They are both amazing services, but my recommendation is InstaBuilder because it’s super easy and with help, you to create stunning landing pages. Plus, the greatest thing is that you can claim a coupon and pay even 50% lower price. All you have to do is visit InstaBuilder Coupons and save as much as you can.

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