If you are starting to build your own landing page you have many dilemmas for sure. One of those dilemmas is whether you should use a landing page creator or build it all by yourself. Many people think that with all the responsibilities that you’ll have it will be great if you choose a landing page creator. But, that choice will also have more disadvantages than advantages. And, imagine you get to build your own landing page just by drag and drop movements and have the full control over the building of your page.

Free landing page creator?

Building your own landing page requires it’s own responsibilities. You can choose your way of making it either you want to make it by yourself or you’re choosing to be made by a landing page creator. Either way, you’ll have different responsibilities.  Now, your choice is very important, you really have to take a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and choose wisely.

Landing page creators can really get the job done for you, but you’ll have to give tons of money.  Another thing is that you can’t make changes on the fly. You get to pay for editing also and you also get to pay if you want it to be made in a really short time. And if you don’t choose a good agency your money can easily be completely wasted. Plus, even if you decide that you want to pay for it, there are so many agencies that you get to choose from. And if you want your landing page to be successful you have to choose a really great agency.

On the other side, free landing page creators… We already discussed that building an effective landing page with hiring a landing page creator will cost you a fortune. So, do you really think that free landing page creators will give you what you’re asking for? The chances that you’ll get what you’re asking for from a free landing page creators are really small. It’s true that there is a risk in everything that you’re doing, but your choice really matters. You don’t want to just waste your time, right?

How to build it by yourself?

Do you remember what I said earlier about building your own landing page just by drag and drop movements? Maybe you thought that building a landing page on your own is something very complicated and that it will waste your time or that you are not good enough to make an effective landing page? Don’t get occupated with these thoughts. Yes, it is possible and everyone can do it. InstaBuilder is a Drag-n-Drop builder. All you have to do is choose the elements you want to use by clicking on them, drop them anywhere you want and this is it! InstaBuilder is doing the rest of the job for you.  Just with InstaBuilder you can make a perfect landing page just by drag and drop movements. Is there something easier than that? You can create amazing designs and yet you don’t need to know anything about coding…

Another thing is that your already made landing pages will look amazing even on iPhones, tablets and more… There are also over a 100 stunning templates to easily design: Squeeze Pages, Video Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, Launch Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages and more..in no time. You can start with those easily-customizable pages and with making your own changes you can make a 100% astonishing unique pages. And you can design and save your own template and make your own catalog of templates that you can edit anytime you want.

And the greatest advantage of InstaBuilder is that you have the full control over the situation. You get the control over font and topography selections, design and placement… You simply get to make it just how you want it to be!

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